The ADVANT360 Mobile APP for Contractor Sales is the only APP available to generate sales and leads. All other APPS make your job easier.... OUR APP GETS YOU JOBS!!!!

BENEFITS OF A MOBILE APP for sales and leads

Mobile APPS are outperforming websites 10 to 1 (even more for new generations who use their phone for everything)

-Website traffic does not guarantee a lead, while a mobile app must be downloaded 1st thus capturing lead info 1st to view and use content
-We provide content and incentives that potential customers want, thus generating a lead
-Send unlimited push notifications to potential clients right to their home screens
-Offer discounts/coupons etc at hundreds of National Brands as incentives to use your APP
-Provide advice, articles, examples, estimates etc right to their phone
-Become the center of influence and network using our local business directory, add your local colleagues/ contractors to refer each other business


Job Benefits

Your existing customers will love working with you via their cellphone:

Request estimates
View Their Accounts
Pay invoices
Schedule Jobs
Upload pics
Give you reviews and referrals
Discounts on material if invoiced separate

Lead Generation

We provide multiple incentives to motivate homeowners and potential clients to download your APP. Whether they need your service now or just want the incentives and may use or refer you in the future.

Discounts at local stores and restaurants motivate your neighbors to use your APP

This also helps you network with business owners for mutual referrals

In store coupons for home goods at top national retailers.

Clients will use your APP whenever they shop as coupons can be scanned on phone.

Stay in front of your market and get referrals Online shopping right on the APP at hundreds of online home goods retailers.

Special discounts only available to your potential clients.

Create incentive to download your APP, referrals and future business.

Neighborhood stats, homevalues and design tips etc. create motivation to download.

Give out your APP to everyone you meet, on ads and social media

Quarterly giveaways to your clients from Advant60 create motivation to download.

Insert pictures of your work to showcase,completely customizable

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Contractor APP

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